“Toberite has the ability to provide a more uniform product to site and greatly enhance placement and finishing times; a huge benefit to suppliers, subcontractors, and builders. We have been involved in assessing the initial test results and the product has surpassed expectations in relation to major concrete strength gains for the same amount of cement.”

Andre Vreugdenburg, Managing Director, PT Designs

“We believe Toberite will play a fundamental role in evolving the development of the building and construction industry in both South Australia and globally. We have viewed the results of Toberite first hand and strongly believe it will provide increased benefits for not only the concrete industries and related services but also contribute to the advancement of construction builds.”

Tuan H, Director, AIP

The Toberite Atom is shaping to be a gamechanger for not only the concreting industry, but for plastic recycling globally. Single use food and beverage containers utilise millions of tons of plastics every year, the processing required to return the recycled plastics to a food grade recycled product is both cumbersome and expensive. The reprocessing of plastics for use in the Toberite Atom will not only save many discarded containers from harmful landfill but give the plastic a sustainable lifecycle where it is put to good use indefinitely.

– Jy Lovett, General Manager AMEC Plastics

“Contractors using Toberite in lieu of traditional concrete will find the product light-weight and easy to use. Other benefits include faster working times and less wear and tear on machinery attributing to reduced down time for maintenance. Customers will receive faster project turnaround times, and quite simply, superior quality concrete with resilience against cracking and a reduced environmental foot print. Our company is so impressed with Toberite that we are forging a partnership with Seels Technology to make Toberite our Shotcrete of choice. We welcome the expansion project and look forward to utilising this product across all our shotcrete projects.“

Paul Crosato, Director Austral Shotcrete