General Advantages:

  • Onsite Batching with mobile wet batchers without the need to handle coarse aggregates, reducing transport costs and EPA dust.
  • Lower Transport Costs due to weight difference. 30 trucks of stone aggregate are replaced with 1 truck of Toberite® Atoms.
  • Lower Workplace Injuries due to lighter easier handling.
  • Increased Productivity due to reduced need for mesh.


Physical Advantages:

  • Reduced Alkali Silica Reaction – potentially cures concrete cancer.
  • Increased Durability due to acid and chemical resistant.
  • Redistributes Load – increased ductility/ toughness.
  • Reduced Weight – 400kg/m3 lighter.
  • Achieves Workable MPA quicker.
  • Increased compressive strength.
  • Increased Consistency of Mix.
  • Increased Impact Protection.
  • Increased Flexural Strength.
  • Increased Tensile Strength.
  • Reduced Surface Cracking.
  • No Segregation.